Dee, Intuitive Transformation life coach
and Spiritual Mentor

Readings performed are:
  1. Mediumship with passed loved ones in spirit through my clair senses  
  2. Email, Facebook Messenger, or live video link recordings
  3. Private readings (face to face) - limited availability
  4. Private Party Bookings
  5. Soul Contract Readings
Readings prices:
  • 30 minute                         $55
  • 45 minute                         $80 (mediumship minimum length)
  • 60 minute                         $95​
  • 75 minutes                      $125
Party Bookings -
minimum of 5 people with host "free"
  • 20 minute personal reading                     $50 per person
  • followed by questions and group spiritual instruction
Soul Contract Readings
 Have you ever wondered what the contract was you made with your soul before you incarnated this life time and how it has affected your life?
  • this is where you discover how to remove karmic debt, addressing repetetive behaviours,making bad choices and simply not moving forward
  • a full print out of your contract is provided with a follow up live discussion
Price                                         $125
Past life regressions reading
This is a journey undertaken either in person or via video link, as this is a serious undertaking and should not be attempted alone, as you will need to be guided out of your past life by a practitioner.

You will be guided into a past or past lives to uncover who you were to identify some of your current traits, gifts, bad habits and reasons for relationships.
Past life regressions are often performed after the soul contract has been done.
​Price                                     $99

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