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A Soulful life        (8 modules)

"What are your looking for - ultimately yourself"

A course designed to awaken you to all the possibilities your life has to offer, and enable you to step into your authentic self.  If you are looking to make changes then this course will provide you with the tools.
This course is provided in a video meeting format, and includes

  • Self awareness and self-love 
  • Receiving and Interpreting Messages from the Universe
  • Meditation made easy
  • How to move forward on your path by offering forgiveness and setting boundaries
  • How to manifest and make it work
  • Daily practices to set you up for life
  • Inner child work
  • High Vibrational living


COST                                                   $198 

The Empowered Empath                      (5 modules)            

As an empath you feel everything immensely.  If you are tired of being overly sensitive then you will benefit from finding how to turn your empathic sensitivities into a powerful gift.
Topics included are:

* Identifying the types of Empaths
* Setting boundaries and using protection
* Controlling what you own
* Reclaiming your power
* The Gift of Empathy

COST                                                     $99.00

I am a Psychic Reader Training                                               (4 modules)               
This  course will have you able to read cards without the book, and learn to open your clair senses, use psychometry and understand the differences between pyschic and mediumship.

COST                                                                   $90.00

Raising your vibrations      (3 modules)

Learning how to raise your vibrations to allow you to live a life that does not drag you down.  Taking all the negative emotions and energies and learning how to send them back out to the universe.
Controlling the things you take on board and the setting boundaries for the people in your life.

COST                                                                   $81.00

I am Self Love                      (5 modules)

By offering healing to self, ganing self love and self worth you empower yourself to reach your true potential and uncover how to mirror the things into your life that you have always been seeking.

COST                                                                    $99.00


Soulful Circle                                                                                                $45 monthly participation

This is a dedicated monthly group which will be set up in the next 2 months offering connection, self-love, meditation and support from like minded soulful women.   When we come together in a circle there is no beginning and no end everyone is equal and supports each other.

* Monthly live workshop
* Daily prompts
* Guidance and help given freely


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